Who is the person behind LA CASA cHRONICLES FORMERLY KNOWN AS Beyond Architect?.....

Welcome, everyone! For those who don't know me personally, my name is LG and this is my Blog. I'm A Generation Y gal -- finding my own turf in the Mecca of Bohemianism, Green Technologies, and the Tech Industry - a.k.a the Bay Area.  

As you can see by the title of this blog I'm in the practice of Architecture. A Junior architect by day and a blogging, crafting nerd by night. I love making, creating and building things. I'm on a constant hunt for new avenues in which to express ideas. It's the reason I became an exhibit designer early in my career, the reason I studied photography, and work in the field of Architecture. Ultimately, the reason I maintain this blog. 

However, though I love what I do professionally, my personal life journey has taught me that what we do for a living doesn't necessarily tie us into a box of "who we are". We each hold simultaneous qualities and transferable skills, but the more we become complacent and try to fit into a mold, the less likely we are to uncover the skills that make us indispensable.  Life skills that would help us provide a positive contribution to society.  It's this ultimate potential that I'm interested in unveiling for myself, other women and the world at large.  It's also the reason I named this blog Beyond Architect - a blog that is 10% Architecture and 90% life lessons, hacks, and experimentations. 

Lastly, though I've had the good fortune of providing design work to some of the world's most elite and sought after clients; It's this juxtaposition of wealth vs. what I've encountered growing up and while traveling, that's helped me solidify, my ultimate life goal.  I want to help and empower people through thoughtful designs and life hacks, to live the life they deserve. Most certainly I'm not the first person who has wanted this and won't be the last. The questions and my personal challenge are, How will I get there? How will I make a difference? What will I make, create or build that will provide a life to be proud of? Well...... that's a journey you'll  just have to tag along with me to find out. 


What will you find in this blog?...... 

This Blog is my personal safe harbor. I write what's on my mind (uncensored), and what I've been up to (a.k.a musings). It's my documentary: of the times, the profession, my learnings and my journey through it. It can also contain an occasional tutorial or a list of some sorts (I love lists). Picture a crude, less funny version of an HIMYM (How I met your mother).  It’s also a home for those things in life that inspire us to be better people. Consequently, making us better designers. In addition, this blog contains quirky old craft projects, and furniture pieces, created when the world stood still (2008) --you can disregard those or considering them "recession works." 

If you share anything in common with me, or love my candidness or style, I'd love for us to stay connected.